1966 Carl Andre, New York

“A year later, New York 1966, Carl Andre presented an exhibition that insists in the dichotomy between knowledge and experience. It’s Equivalents I-VIII, constituted by eight sculptures spread over the same floor, made up, each one, by 120 identical bricks, ordered in two layers. The sculptures are made in such a way that each one of the eight pieces have a surface of 60 brick in sight to the spectators. Their rectangular shapes were established by four of the possible combinations of numbers whose product is 60. The result is two types of shape, depending on the orientations of the bricks. Every piece have the same number of bricks, the same surface and the same volume, altough each one is perceptually different y differentiated form the others.”

Javier Maderuelo. 2008. La idea de espacio en la arquitectura y el arte contemporáneos 1960-1989.
pág. 94.
Madrid. Ediciones Akal.

Unofficial translation: Carlos Mínguez Carrasco

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